Wedding Trends We Want to See in 2020

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The 2020 wedding season is underway, and that means planning and designing for our clients this year (and next!) is in full force! We are seeing wedding blogs, Instagram accounts and celebrities leading the way for current trends in the event world. Plus, with this time of year being huge for engagements, it’s no wonder a new ‘must do’ is everywhere you look.

With so many weddings under our belt, we’re excited to see brides and grooms finally ditch those 2015 trends and more. With love, if you’re still planning a barn wedding with chalkboard signs, we actually do want you to dive into Pinterest, Instagram and all the above 😉 And, continue reading as we’re excited about some trends gaining speed!

Nevertheless, as often as all trends come and go, we still have some we’d love to see this year and next. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Intimate Weddings

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Over the years, we’ve planned and have been to many weddings with a 200+ guest count. There’s nothing wrong with inviting so many people, nothing at all! Many clients have big families or were those friends you knew in college – the ones who were part of every social group on campus. Either way, we’ve seen them done – both well and poorly. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember: every head adds on more dollar signs.

Although we’ve successfully executed many large weddings, we’re really excited to see more intimate weddings come to the forefront. Weddings of 50-100 guests are some of our very favorite! Not only do these weddings have a more personal feel, but they also:

  • Open up your budget to spend more on other things that are important to you.
  • Allow you to have more quality time with each of your guests.
  • Open up more venue options! No need to stress about reaching maximum capacity.
  • Open up destination locations!

Small Bridal Parties

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On the note of smaller weddings altogether, we’d also love to see more tiny wedding parties! Large bridal parties end up costing more… are you noticing a theme? Everything having to do with planning your wedding has dollar signs attached. Everything. Many clients, even if not footing the bill for everyone’s gown and suit, still end up paying for things like:

  • Hair and makeup.
  • Wedding party gifts.
  • Again, additional mouths to feed at the wedding and rehearsal dinner.
  • Transportation to and from Ceremony/Reception.
  • Personal flowers: Bouquets and boutonnieres, and these add up quickly!

Picking only those truly closest to you can also result in a less stressful planning process and even morning-of your wedding day. It all depends on your personality, but something to keep in mind as intimate gatherings are becoming more popular.

Bold Color

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Romantic, fine art weddings are something we’re well known for in Columbus! But, did you know, you can still host an elegant affair with a bold color scheme?

So often, grand weddings lean towards a more neutral color palette, and we’re all about it. However, we love pushing for bold color and reassuring our clients that vibrant color doesn’t have to be scary! In 2020, we really want to see more unique color combinations with interesting palettes. Don’t believe us? Check out our recent shoot that was published on Style Me Pretty!

You don’t have to be a boho or edgy bride to go big with color. If you are keeping up with wedding blogs as of late, you’ll see that bold florals especially are a way to ‘wow’ your guests.

Fashion-Forward Gowns

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Many people ask us where we find inspiration, and it’s always these two things: Architecture and our favorite, fashion.

While we love the classic A-line, satin gown or lace, form-fitting dress, we’re excited to see more brides push the boundaries. When it comes to your wedding gown, this is your one day where you get to wear whatever speaks to you and makes you feel beautiful.

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A dress trend we’re absolutely obsessed with right now is flowing sleeves. Whether it be a cap sleeve or long sleeved gown, extra fabric that blows in the breeze just makes you feel some type of way! They look more luxurious, adding an ‘artful’ feel to your event. After all, your dress should speak to the theme of your event just like everything else!

We’re also loving dress trends like:

  • Big bows
  • Sparkly embellishments
  • Deep, deep necklines
  • Non-white gowns – give us more color!

If you want to check out some more gowns that we’re loving lately, check out our Dresses board on Pinterest!

Texture, Texture and More Texture

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Hand in hand with bold color, we want more of our clients to not fear texture! There are many things that add to the design of your event, and texture is one of them. For example, a wedding with a patterned or textured linen will always look more luxurious than your standard polyester linen. But taking it one step further, we would love to see more brides and grooms overlay patterns!

By adding more pattern into your tablescape, it takes away from needing to overextend in other areas. More intricate chairs, textured linens, scalloped chargers – all of these are items you can feel making a difference in the way your event looks, rather than just focusing on color.

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If you want someone to partner with you to make these trends part of your 2020 or 2021 event, get in touch! Cheers!

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