A 2020 Wedding to Remember

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The Backstory

2020 was quite the year. Planning a wedding became 10x harder and running a business became equally as hard, if not harder. However, we will forever love that micro-weddings became 2020’s biggest trend. We’ve always believed that less is more and 2020 has proved that to be true. One of our favorite weddings of 2020 was Abby’s and Jeff’s backyard wedding turned pool party. It came at just the right time. 2020 had taken its toll. We were feeling overwhelmed from all the rescheduling and re-working we were doing. Quite frankly, we were exhausted. 

Abby reached out to us a month before her wedding. Abby and Jeffrey were living in Colorado while completely flipping their wedding to fit in her Dad’s back yard. Her dad is a talented landscape architect so his backyard was the perfect space for a wedding. He worked to make it fit all of Abby’s dreams. They had originally scheduled a Spring wedding at a venue which they had postponed until August. However, they felt like a small backyard wedding would be a safer option and they ditched the venue and began replanning their big day. 

With only a month to pull this off Abby did a fantastic job. More importantly she had the best attitude. Abby was set on marrying Jeffrey and that was her number one priority throughout all the craziness.

The Big Day

When the wedding day came around Abby wore a modern and elegant Bella Bianca gown and had her hair pinned up in a simple bun. They had their ceremony under a tent in the front yard with beautiful florals by Old Slate Farm. They shared heartfelt vows and had their guests in tears as they spoke about their love for one another.


After the ceremony they lead guests to the back yard for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and wedding festivities and the party really began. Abby and Jeffrey mingled with guests before listening to speeches from some of their closest friends and families. We learned so much about Abby and Jeff and how truly authentic they both are. Abby shared a dance with her father, Jeffrey with his mother, and the two of them shared a beautiful first dance poolside. 

Abby and Jeffrey were stunning all night long. They conversed with guests, exchanged loving looks with one another and were genuinely full of joy all night. Their guests enjoyed themselves and were so eager to celebrate Abby and Jeffrey. As the sun set the party continued. You would have never guessed that it was a tiny wedding because the dance floor was loud and never stopped. It was so much fun to watch everyone enjoy themselves, that backyard made us forget all the 2020 crazy. 

The Pool Party

Eventually I sat back and watched for a while, observing a groomsmen eye to pool, eye another groomsmen, begin his running head start and jump in the pool, fully clothed. There was a split second of silence before everyone cheered. Soon enough I watched as another groomsman jumped in the pool, then a few bridesmaids joined and some guests before the groom made his grand entrance. He jumped right back out, ran around the pool, grabbed his bride by the hand and ran into the pool with her, both in their wedding attire. The party erupted, music was going, guests were splashing, and the joy was infectious. People were genuinely having so much fun. Abby eventually changed into the cutest bridal white swimsuit and they continued the pool party all night long.

 It was just a great night because of Abby and Jeffrey, their love for one another makes them easy to celebrate, their friends and family were joyfully willing to celebrate them in any way they could. They planned a beautiful day with beautiful design elements but kept their focus on one another and their marriage and it made all the difference. Definitely a 2020 favorite.


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