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Bridal Editorial in NYC

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Everything seems better and more exquisite in New York City! This was a trip that solidified our love for working in the big cities. Although we’re midwest based, traveling further east to work this shoot was not an esy task. So, another walk down the Events Held Dear history books!

Our Big Shoot Adventure

Our team traveled to NYC with a group of florists who were taking a class from the well known floral designer, Ariel Dearie Flowers. We jumped on board at the chance to travel with some “friendors”, to put together our first out of state photoshoot. We knew we wouldn’t be joining the class, as much as we love floral design. Instead, we challenged ourselves in reaching out to some NYC-based creatives to make our vision come true.

To my surprise: Not only did people return phone calls and emails, but they really trusted us! Everyone we reached out to was all in. It was one of the most exciting projects, to be trusted by wildly talented, big city names and put something together in a city we had never worked in before.

The kind Emma Natter teamed up with us, helping us fill in the blanks of creatives we still needed. The team at Leanne Marshall allowed us to rent a gown, which was so exciting. Seeing their studio in real life had us in awe. And wonderfully artists from Face Time Beauty joined in as well.

Joy in the Nervousness

It felt like such a big turning point. Emma was a joy to work alongside, and the weather (thank God) was perfect. I can remember strangers in Central Park asking for and taking pictures of our model, Sarah Roesler. They must have thought she was someone crazy famous, by the looks of our shoot. To be fair, she is incredibly stunning! She would catch anyones eye.

I can remember nervously taking the subway and being scared of so many little details. Carrying an incredible gown from Leanne Marshall had me panicked, scared it would get stolen. I was nervous that I would go to the wrong part of the city and get hopelessly lost. I was even worried I would drop the gown and get it dirty (in a bag!). Maneuvering New York City is intimidating on its own, let alone with thousands of dollars of precious cargo. And we had new vendors we admired to impress!

Needless to say, it turned out wonderful. My feet ached. My face hurt from smiling. However, it was wonderful, Caroline Koehler captured it so well, and it ended up being published in print in Magnolia Rouge. I was SO proud.

In short, put yourself out there, friends. It can be so scary and so worth it. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we loved directing and creating them.

Planning & Design: Events Held Dear & Emma Natter

Photography: Caroline Koehler Photography

Florals: Sylvia Bustamante

Model: Sarah Roesler

Gown: Leanne Marshall

Beauty: Face Time Beauty

Paper: Esther Clark Co.

As seen in Magnolia Rouge

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