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Valentine’s Inspiration We’re Lovin’ (Literally)

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Need a little inspiration to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day? Here are a few things from different areas of life inspiring us right now!


Valentine’s Day is an easy excuse to get all dressed up and one of our favorite excuses, at that. It’s often perceived as a more ‘feminine’ holiday, full of rosey pinks and reds, loads of flowers, candy and of course, love. It can be a really fun holiday to express your femininity through fashion! Whether you are dressing up for a romantic date, or getting in the holiday spirit, we are loving this year’s Valentine’s Day looks.

A soft pink, flowing dress screams femininity in our minds. We have found a couple we love at both Nordstrom and Lulu’s!

If a pink frilly dress is too much for you, we totally understand! A luscious, red velvet jumpsuit like the one pictured below can be found at Anthropologie! It is the perfect combination of femininity, boldness and confidence. This is a statement piece that will for sure be turning heads as you strut your stuff on Valentine’s Day.

Home Decor

As neutral lovers, it’s okay if the thought of covering your house in hot pink Valentine’s Day decor makes you want to puke – us, too! While we like to keep things classic, we also know spicing up your home style is a great way to welcome the holiday. Here are a few, more subtle, ways to decorate for the Day of Love without compromising your good taste.

Below are trends that still stay within the ‘typical’ Valentine’s color scheme of red, pink and white. Add some more of these colors into your home decor in little bits and pieces to add some flair!

A great way to add some more ‘Color of Love’ is adding a colored napkin to your dining room table. Place a pink or red napkin at every place setting to make your dining room a little more festive! Or, mix in some colored pillows with a few neutral pillows on your couch for a little touch of Valentine.

We also love the touch of throws, in any capacity. One can simply add a more festive-colored throw blanket to your living area. If your kitchen needs a touch of pink, consider switching out the hand towels! Or, add a vase of flowers to the kitchen counter – because who doesn’t want an excuse for more fresh flowers?! These are some easy ways to add color to your space without taking away your personal style that’s already represented at home.

Image via Pinterest

Gifting Ideas

If you best show love through the gift giving, here are a few ideas that will inspire you this year.

There are no rules that say all must give gifts to their loved ones, so don’t fret! This is just for those of us who really do enjoy expressing their love in this way.

Valentine’s Day treats are a classic gift idea and Pinterest is overflowing with cute goodies you can whip up in your own kitchen. Kids get to exchange candy with their friends at school for this holiday, so why shouldn’t us adults? Any excuse for some friend to friend love is a good one, we say! Some cute ideas (if you are the patient type who also doubles as a pastry chef) are:

Image via Pinterest

If baking isn’t your best talent (hey, ours neither) another great gift idea is a mini bottle of champagne. You can find these at your local Target even – an easy find! It’s an effortless way to show your friends you care about them and are thinking about them. Plus, who doesn’t love the gift of celebratory booze? And the best part is: there is no need to bother with gift wrap! Tie a festive ribbon around the neck of the bottle and include a cute note. This is a great gift idea if you have a lot of people to shop for – everyone loves champagne!

Image via Pinterest

Last, but not Least…

Finally, our very favorite – throw a party! A night with friends is the best gift! You don’t have to do anything crazy for something like this. A dinner party for a few loved ones, wine night for the girls or a Bachelor viewing party (hellooooo, season of girl drama) are all easy ideas! Provide some food and drink, and invite your closest friends over. It’s a super intentional way to show your people that you adore them.

Lately, we are feeling really inspired by these Valentine’s Day charcuterie boards! They are the perfect set up for having some friends over to munch and chat. Prepare some pink cocktails alongside them and you will be throwing the best little get together in town this February!

Image via Pinterest

We hope you are feeling a little more inspired and ready to get festive for this year’s Valentine’s Day! And, if you happen to create one of these Valentine’s charcuterie boards, please invite us over! See you next week 😉


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