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Fall Wedding Trends We Loved

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We are in the midst of Fall season, the season we are all madly in love with. Obsessed with. Enamored with. And although it’s basically almost winter (and feeling’ like it here in the Midwest most of the time) we couldn’t go without sharing some of our favorite parts of the season. That includes big sweaters, pumpkin lattes, cozy (and heated!) blankets, colorful leaves – we love it all! And we know those of you who are true midwesterner’s do, too. Our team at Events Held Dear are sharing some of the Fall trends that we are totally into and want to see more of when it comes to weddings. Keep reading along if you need some Fall wedding inspiration for your upcoming 2020 wedding, your lifestyle, or if you are just a big Fall fan like ourselves!

Dried flowers: If you’re an Anthropologie lover like myself, then you’re already completely into whatever aesthetic they’re throwing down, and if you’ve followed them long enough you know they’ve been killin’ the installation-made-out-of-dried product game for a while now. But these products aren’t just great for your home – bring them into your wedding design! As ‘Fall’ as they are, these really can be used in any season, but something about them really screams brisk, sunny, colorful weather to us. Most of the dried product we love are a little touch of simple and delicate that can be unique to your day when accenting important vignettes of your event. You hear us say it all the time, “it’s the small stuff that makes an impact”. We love the way a few of the following products look in bud vases, installations, or how a talented florist can incorporate them into a bouquet to give it some more texture. They often lighten up the color scheme quite a bit all while keeping it warm – perfect for Fall! Talk to your florist to see if there are any dried flower options and how they can be incorporated, you won’t regret it! Most of the designs will vary depending on who your florist is, their design techniques and what their experience is with dried flowers. But if you’ve hired a florist we’ve recommended to ya, chances are you’re already in good hands!

Some dried products that we’re loving lately include pampas grass (we won’t bore you with the real technical name), any kind of dried wildflower, sun palms and dried bunny tail grass (I mean, how cute of a name is that?!). Definitely all worth checking out if it fits your overall wedding or home aesthetic!

fall colored dried flowers for weddings.
Image via Pinterest

Color Obsession: Rust! Now, we aren’t talking about orange, we aren’t talking about brown, we are talking about rust. Hear us out! Some out there might say it’s more like a dusty orange, others might call it rusty rose. Besides what those ‘others’ are saying, we’ll help you out: it’s basically a muted orange with a bit of pink undertone, and it’s gorgeous. Like with any color, we wouldn’t recommend you overdo it when it comes to your wedding decor. Small accents, always. This will really make it come alive! When we say we like (nay, love) this color, we aren’t saying we like it everywhere – a little bit of rust here and there can bring in those warm Fall tones in a gentle way. It’s a Fall trend we’re seeing a lot and loving it, and we’re even incorporating it currently into a darling 2020 wedding!

Fall colors for brisk, cool weddings - rust is a new popular color!
Photo via Junebug Weddings

Velvet Linens: If you don’t know that velvet is having a moment, then you might be living under a rock. Are you ok?? If so, you had to know this was coming: we are LOVING velvet linens, and really anything velvet at all! With linens, they are beautiful and luscious and classy… and so much more, really. A Fall trend you have probably already seen a lot this year, and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon! These linens have a thickness to them that makes us think, feel, smell and envision Fall. It’s just a small detail to switch from a polyester linen to a velvet linen, but it can make a huge difference. Linen quality is often something we see a lot of bride(s) and groom(s) overlook, and it’s really something you don’t want to slack on when it comes to quality. If you can’t totally commit to a velvet linen, a velvet napkin or table runner can bring that texture in and look equally as beautiful.

Velvet linens add more subtle details to your wedding.
Photo via Pinterest

There ya have it, some of our favorite Fall trends of the year as we head into a cold Ohio winter! Hope this gets creative juices flowing for those of you that need a little guidance!

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