Mother of The Bride and Groom Dresses

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Moms, we love you. Oftentimes these weddings wouldn’t happen without you. You add vital feedback, input, funds and emotional support into these weddings and to our lovely brides and grooms. We know that your child’s wedding is a big day for you too. And while you are feeling so many emotions, you lend a helping hand, you are the first to offer to run an errand, you make sure everything is in order and you stand by and support your sons and daughters in every way on their big day. Your job is important, every part of it. Guests look to you throughout the whole wedding which is why we encourage you to wear something you love. Mother’s of brides and grooms should wear an extra special dress because their role of the wedding day is more important than almost anyone’s!

What Should You Know?

When it comes to the mothers attire there aren’t many rules except, 1. Don’t wear white and 2. Keep it classy. Beyond that, you are encouraged to let your style shape what you wear. It suggested that the choosing of the mothers dress is a collaborative effort between the mother and the bride. The Mother’s dress can be long or short. It can match the bridal party to be a completely different color. It can be a solid color of a pattern. There are so many options! The bride may have some opinions and we encourage you to honor those.

Mother Dresses We Love

Seeing what moms choose to wear on the wedding day can be so fun! We usually get to see the wedding dress ahead of time but the mothers dress is often a surprise for us and we work with so many moms with such great taste! See some of our choices below.

Needle and Thread

Needle and Thread has a great selection of uniquely feminine dresses with lots of color and texture. It’s one of our first choices if you want a show stopping elegant dress.


BHLDN is Anthropologie’s sister company that does all things bridal and formal wear. They are a great option with beautifully simplistic gowns for mom that come in so many colors.


Morilee has a great collection of mother dresses with many varying styles. The Morilee dresses suit many different body types and range from simple to glam.

Moms- you deserve to feel beautiful on your child’s wedding day too. You are the picture of beauty, strength, love and kindness that we look up to most. Thank you for all your support. Happy Mother’s day to all the moms we adore.

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